Save the Chocó's mission is to build awareness and collaborate with local and global organizations to help protect vital areas and species throughout the Chocó region.

Why the Chocó

The Chocó is a biodiversity hotspot and one of the wettest regions of the planet. Only two percent of the remaining lowland Chocó remains in Ecuador, making it one of the most threatened biological hotspots in the world. The region harbors 9,000 species of vascular plants and is one of the most floristically diverse region in the neotropics. In the Chocó there are about 270 species of mammals, 210 species of reptiles, 800 species of birds and 130 species of amphibians. Many are endemic to the Chocó region, meaning they are not found anywhere else on earth.


Save the Chocó works with local and global organizations to protect, expand and establish reserves in the Chocó region. We advise global organizations on the local partner landscape and work with small NGOs to attract funding. We provide design, branding, photography, and fundraising support to both local and global organizations.