The Canandé Reserve in Esmeraldas was started in 2000, initiating the fifth reserve of the Jocotoco Foundation. By mid 2011 it comprised about 2600 hectares (6240 acres) of ‘Chocó’ tropical rainforest with an altitudinal range of 100 to 500 meters asl.

Jocotoco is staying committed to protecting this special part of the Chocó by continuing to manage and purchase vital ecosystems. To learn more about their current projects click the button below.


The Otokiki Reserve in Esmeraldas was started by Fundación Otonga in 2012. It is currently 58 hectares and home to some critically endangered amphibians.

The oal is to purchase adjacent land located next to Otokiki Reserve. This land purchase would reduce edge effects and secure habitat for the unique and fragile amphibian populations.